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About Me
At the time of writing I am currently looking to pursue and develop my interests in I.T, specifically in the web design sector. I have extensive familiarity when working with different coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. My knowledge is limited but my desire forit is not. I'm a quick learner and I'm currently working on certifications at freecodecamp.org as well as undertaking other courses in my free time.

I have experience using multiple operating systems, with Ubuntu being my OS of choice. I'm no stranger to using the command line as I work on projects with the Raspbian OS. For most recent developments, please see my Projects page, located here.

I have a lot of experience with data entry as I have created my own spreadsheets for budgeting, which I update frequently.

I am also capable of touch typing, a skill I've developed over many years.

As far as Hobbies are concerned, I'm teaching myself French using a combination of Textbooks and Duolingo. My current streak atthe time of writing this is 796 days.